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Your Smart, Connected Website

The web and internet have changed so much since Finware launched its iWEB product range back in 2006. To put it in perspective the iPhone was first launched in 2007.

So to the overreaching goal of your business website has changed. Your website used to be a simple online brochure. Now your website connects your clients with your business using many platforms and tools. Your clients are reaching out using your website more and expecting more of your website.

This is the mortgage adviser website dilemma.

Most mortgage advisers are flat-out like a lizard drinking trying to get their loans lodged, approved and settled. The flash website you built a few years ago now looks a little tired. The last blog article was a few years ago, a few of the links are broken and the privacy and compliance information is probably out of date. In short your website may look a little tired and tardy.

To update your website you could find another flashy web designer who could revamp your site and make it look cool again. But is cool what you are really after? Or would you prefer a functional website that actually creates new business and reduced your workload?

How can iWEB work for you?

News Streaming

To keep your site content fresh and current we provide our iNEWS article feeds. These articles are loaded to your website each week without you lifting a finger. The stories are an interesting mix of house & home stories, household finance and economic stories as well as a ‘quirky’ story each month.

Have Your Say

If you like putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard you have the ability to write your own professionally presented blog. You can write regularly or because you have the iNEWS article feed (above) you don’t have the pressure of needing to write a story every week or month.

To make your blog stand-out you can add professional photos, video and more. Easily add keywords and tags to help you articles to help them get found on Google and other search engines.

Stay In-Touch

Our service includes an easy-send newsletter feature, integrated social media options, auto-email and our online webchat tool all designed to make staying in-touch with your clients easy and intuitive. You decide which contact tools you want your clients to use.

iWEB Calcs & Tools Range

Interactive Calculators

Let you clients explore helpful calculators on your website. They can prepare a Net Wealth statement (assets & liabilities) or complete their Budget (income & expenses) as well as look at their repayments or see what happens if they make extra or lump-sum repayments.

Collect Your Clients Information

Your client has the option to send you their information direct from your website calculator. The information the client entered into your calculator such as the My Budget (income and expenses) or My Net Wealth (assets and liabilities) can be emailed to you or transferred direct into your connected iLEND CSS. Other online and connected forms are available.

Connected Social Media

Integrate your chosen socials to your website and stay connected. Your Tweets, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin posts can automatically update on your website. Visitors to your website will be able to easily like and follow you and your business.

Google Analytics

Want to learn about the people who visit your site? Visitor Analytics has everything you need. See where visitors come from, your most popular pages & more, and get amazing insights and stats.

Update Your Site Yourself

If you like you can choose to manage and update your site yourself. Simply login to your websites dashboard and edit content, add or change pictures and more.

Compliance online

Much of your ASIC and AFCA compliance requirements can be met and exceeded on your website. We believe your compliance can in fact be a major selling point of your business.

Any Device

Your website looks great on your clients laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone and in any orientation.


We ensure both your website and your data are safe and secure using the latest technology.

All this plus much more can be built and more importantly maintained by the Finware team. Put your website to work and see the value of a smart, connected website.

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