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Stories Worth More Than Reading

Over the past sixteen years I have worked with over one thousand mortgage brokers across New Zealand and Australia.

Sure, writing mortgages has its own set of difficulties – but that part is our job. The one common problem for all mortgage advisers is how to effectively communicate with their clients. Mortgages are not most peoples idea of enthralling reading …I know right.

However, we do know that they are very interested home and household related stories. Likewise, they have a light interest in broader economics and finance related articles. Health and fitness related stories are very popular amongst readers with a mortgage. The ‘quirky’ interesting story however rates the highest with readers.

The aim of these stories is to provide light reading for your clients and to get them thinking a little about their home, property investment, renovations, interest rates. From here it is a matter of creating a call to action within the article.

Although the fitness, health and quirky stories do not have a direct correlation to mortgages, they are interesting and more importantly help increase your following and the general readability of your other stories.

The combined effect of these articles is the highest open rates of any finance newsletter in Australia or New Zealand. Our open rates are constantly over 24% across all clients (where the database is actual or potential clients).

The stories are also perfect to bolster your social media presence. Your social media accounts have the capacity to reach a huge audience. To get this audience to click you need a story of interest, something that grabs their attention. This is difficult in our current instant news and headline world. However, your clients will react to the combination of your activity and the article topic.

Articles like these are produced every week by the Finware iNEWS service. The key to these articles is they are automatically posted to your website each week. They can be pushed out on your social media platforms and used in your newsletter. The critical component is that these stories are on your website. When the reader clicks the story, they are directed back to your website to finish reading the article.

After the reader is on your website they can browse and click through to your useful tools and calculators or find out more about your business and services. Many similar services simply provide a link to a general no-brand site or worse they are redirected to your aggregator’s site, where they are just a few clicks from a full list of brokers.

Having readers click back to your website has other benefits. Google ranks sites with new content higher than stagnant websites. Similarly, sites with more links to them and more clicks also rank higher. Now I am not suggesting that Bobs Mortgages in Waikato or Betty’s Mortgages in Wollongong will rank higher than ANZ however, someone searching for a mortgage adviser in these areas can rank on the first page of Google search results.

Our Finware iNEWS service includes Google Analytics. It is important as a business owner to understand what stories are being read and clicked. More importantly, which pages on your website are being visited.

Connecting the iNEWS service to your website is easy and very cost effective. The service will increase the effectiveness of your website. Your social media strategy combines with iNEWS on your website to bring it all to life. Engage with your clients, increase retention and earn more referrals.

Please visit or email us for more information.

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