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8 Key Ingredients to eNewsletter success

If you want to increase revenue fast, every respected expert will tell you the best place to start is with your existing clients. The best way to connect with and activate your existing clients is via your own e-newsletter.

It is easy to get lost these days in the social media frenzy. Newsletters are old and a tweet is better. Your tweets and posts can create a following and can help you connect with your clients. However you need a place or space where this interaction can be galvinised. Where these tweets and posts can be linked back to. Ask your clients to fill in this form or use this tool or calculator. This place or space is your website. The best tool to draw your social media activities together on your website is your e-newsletter.

If you have been in business more than a few years then the chances are you have tried to send a newsletter to clients in the past. Chances are it all got a bit difficult and time consuming and you just shelved the job.

Below is the eight (8) key ingredients to ensure your e-newsletter works hard for your business and beautifly connects and engages with your clients.

  1. Use an existing e-newsletter tool or app. Make it easy on yourself. Trying to send emails using Gmail or Outlook is just too much messing around. Mailchimp and Mailjet are good examples of generic tools. However a mortgage industry specific tool will always be far more efficient and effective. Yes it will cost a little more, but the results will pay for themselves many times over.

  2. Get help writing content. Let's face it you are not a journalists - you are a mortgage adviser and words are probably not your thing. There are lots of content writers out there and some overseas ghost-writers can be very cost-effective. Finding and managing them can be a little time consuming.

  3. Ensure the system or e-newsletter app that you use delivers the content to your OWN website. This way the newsletter you send out links the reader - your client - back to your website! I have used an exclamation mark here because this point is very important to mortgage advisers. Do you really want your clients receiving a newsletter and clicking on an article that takes your client to a third-party website ...or worse your aggregators website.

  4. Know your stats. It is very important that you know how many people are opening your newsletter and clicking on which articles. The Finware e-newsletter system can track how many views your newsletter received separate to how many email views. This means that views from your Facebook or twitter can also be understood.

  5. Provide a wide range of stories. Sure you are a mortgage adviser however, your newsletter should provide a broad range or stories to connect with your clients. Our Finware e-newsletter provides four themes articles each month - a broad finance story; mortgage and household story; home related; and a quirky lifestyle story. Interestingly the latter is the most clicked.

  6. Connect your newsletter to your social media. This is very important as it helps tie your social media presence back to your website and vice-versa. Your social media followers should be able to read your news stories and subscribe to your newsletter. Similarly, your newsletter subscribers should be able to easily click to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, etc.

  7. Carefully manage your subscribe as well as your unsubscribe. Make it easy for readers to subscribe to and repost your newsletter. Likewise, you need to carefully manage your unsubscribes as well. The Finware newsletter does all this and more seamlessly.

  8. Finally but very importantly you will need to be personally involved at some level to ensure the success of your newsletter. Sure, many of the above points are about outsourcing your newsletter however, nothing beats writing your own story, comment or even just the introduction to your newsletter. Your clients will know it is from you.

With these eight (8) key ingredients your e-newsletter will remind your clients of who and what you are, connect with and engage your clients. The e-newsletter weill draw together your social media and connect it all with your website.

In writing the above key ingredients I have been very subtle in mixing the value of Finware’s e-newsletter service offering and genuine help in doing it yourself. Just in case you missed the subtleties please understand the best e-newsletter option for mortgage advisers is the Finware e-newsletter. Generic e-newsletters or aggregator provided e-newsletters do not come close. For more information please email me here or look at our iWEB offering here.


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