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Sales/WIP Pipeline Control

Your sales/WIP pipeline lets you quickly see your client files. Easily drag-n-drop files to the next stage or multiple stages.

Moving files between stages prompts 'pop-up' tasks to complete.

The colour coded 'trafic light' system easily identifies files that require attention.

Easily email or SMS clients, create tasks or file notes direct from the Pipeline view


Lender Borrowing Capacity & Servicing

Win more business using our industry leading  Maxcap tool. Maxcap allows you to enter your clients information into iLend once and calculate accurately each individual lenders servicing capacity.

You can even view and print each lenders servicing calculator.

All facets of each lenders servicing requirements are accounted for in iLend's proprietary Maxcap tool.


Best Practice Workflow & Templates

Our best practice workflow lets you automate tasks and processes.

Keep your team on the same page and see what each team member is working on.

Emails and SMS' to clients, lenders, referrers, valuers and anyone associated with the file can be auto populated and sent quickly and easily.

We have hundreds of templates to get you started or you can build your own.


Lender Forms

All your lenders specific forms, documents and info-sheets are kept up to date and at your finger-tips inside your iLend.

Think of the time you will save never having to login to each lenders website and find your way through their system just to find a discharge form or an ID checklist.

Lender Forms & Docs.png

Highest Quality Data & Information

Our mortgage, servicing, documents and other lender data and information is the most accurate and timely available in the industry.

When a lender changes a rate your iLEND is up to date. See our live future and past rate updates for yourself here

Screenshot_2018-12-12 iLend™ - Blue Zinc

Compliance Built-in

Compliance is easy if it is built into everything you do. Thats why your iLend system takes the effort out of compliance.

In fact, in iLend compliance looks like marketing that will impress your clients. Compliance is not an after-thought.


IBM Domino & Zettagrid

Your data is secure and complaint with Australian & New Zealand personal financial data storage laws.

IBM Domino database and Zettagrid hosted services is the most secure combination available.

Screenshot_2018-12-06 Extend availabilit

Product Comparison

Impress your clients with detailed, accurate and easy to read mortgage comparison tools. iLend helps you search the best options and easily compare the mortgage product options, features, fees & rates.

Our data is detailed with over 180 fields of information per product.

Product Comparison.png

Built for mortgage advisers by mortgage advisers

Our industry is very unique and changing fast. We need our business software to be more than just CRM and more than just a calculator.

It needs to grow with us and move with our industry.


Smart Supporting Documents

Managing an applications supporting documents is becoming a job in itself.

With iLend Smart SupDoc you can store all your clients supporting documents. Easily validate and confirm no arrears. Track date of document to ensure client documents are acceptable.

Quickly send clients updated email requesting documents. Our iWeb clients have the ability to allow clients to upload their documents direct into iLend.

Supporting Docs Management.png

Auto-populated Calendar

Your iLend calendar is automatically populated with all your client files important dates and reminders. Never miss a refix or an annual review again.

Schedule client fact-find and document signing appointments in iLend for the details to be recorded for compliance in the client file. Invite the client and synch with your personal  calendar.

Calender View.png

Google Connected

We have connected Google to help with auto address prefill inside every address field. With one click you can open Google maps to help get you to your appointment on time. Google charts and calendar are also integrated.

Google Image.png


Your clients reply emails will automatically be imported into iLend and sent to their client file. These emails are stored in the 'Log' creating a permanent compliance record.

All email attachments are extracted and added to the Smart SupDoc 

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