Maintain your relevance with regular and effective contact

iNews consists of two components: an email newsletter that is sent to your customers monthly and articles streamed directly to your website each week. Using professionally-written news articles and images including up-to-date property and investment commentary, iNews makes keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis effortless.

iNews provides your business with a valuable and ongoing point of difference, allowing you to add your own introduction, promotions, advertisements and specialist articles to each new issue.

The email newsletter contains links to 'read more' sending readers directly to your website. Once on your site users can submit a request for more information turning your website into an interactive lead generation tool. Increased visitors to your website will also help your search engine ranking meaning more potential customers may find you through search.

Send your email newsletter to an unlimited number of subscribers. Finware can manage these subscribers via our Content Management System (CMS), or your customers can self-subscribe via your website.

Keeping in touch with your customers on a monthly basis will keep your relationship current and active. Rather than thinking ‘I need a broker’, your customers are thinking ‘I need to call MY broker’ effectively keeping your brand front of mind!

With an online tracking mechanism, not only can you include a ‘call to action’ promotion, you can also track the ‘open’, ‘click-through’ and ‘send to a friend’ rates of your newsletter. This means you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing dollar better!

Key iNews Features

  • Receive new journalist produced articles streamed directly to your website each week and sent to your client database monthly
  • Add your own introduction and specialist articles which can be changed each issue
  • Send directly to your iLend™ database or submit your data to Finware for a scheduled deployment
  • Complies with Privacy and Spam regulations
  • Above industry average open and click through rates
  • Track `open’ and `click-through’ and ‘send to a friend’ rates to track effectiveness of your newsletters
  • No ‘pay per click’ charge

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