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30 October 2013 - Westpac Changes 3 year Fixed Rates

Effective Wednesday, 30th October Westpac increased their 3 Year Fixed rates by 0.20%.


30 October 2013 - SBS Bank and HBS Bank Update Rates

Effective Wednesday, 30th October SBS Bank and HBS Bank updated their fixed rates. The new rates are as follows.


28 October 2013 - iLend Release Notes V3.10.1

iLend Release Notes V3.10.1
See it in action.


28 October 2013 - Suncorp and The Rock Changes Their Variable and Fixed Rates

Effective Monday, 28th October, Suncorp increased their 3 Year Fixed rates by 0.10%.


22 October 2013 - Engaging Customers Online

Want to learn more about the top initiatives to successfully engage your customers online? Perhaps you missed today’s ‘Tune-In-Tuesday’ session.

Finware has leverage our seven (7) years of experience providing website solutions to our clients and identified the Top 8 Online Engagement strategies that you can use on your website. We even included a bonus suggestion!


22 October 2013 - NAB’s 3 and 5 Year Fixed Rates

NAB increased their 3 and 5 year fixed rates by up to 0.24% on Monday, 21st October.


18 October 2013 - Homeside fixed rates

Effective Friday, 18th October Homeside Lending will increase their 3 and 5 year fixed rates.


18 October 2013 - Bankwest updated living expenses

Following the review of the recent quarterly HEM figures, Bankwest have updated their home loan annual living expenses. This sees a slight increase in all tiers except for the first child where the expense has decreased.


15 October 2013 - Nationalcorp and Pioneer Mortgage Services decreases fixed rates

Following Adelaide Bank’s rate changes last Friday, both Nationalcorp and Pioneer Mortgage Services decreased some of their 1 to 5 year fixed rates by up to 0.18%. Of course this is already up to date in iLend™.


14 October 2013 - Homeloans FlexiChoice Specialist Products Variable Rate Decrease

Effective Monday 14 October Homeloans FlexiChoice Specialist lending new business product rates (excluding FlexiChoice Prime) will decrease by 0.25%.


12 October 2013 - Resimac Policy & Pricing Changes for High LVR Business

Effective from close of business Friday 11th October we will implement the following changes for new business;


11 October 2013 - New ME Bank Serviceability Calculator

We are releasing the new ME Bank (AU) serviceability calculator on Friday, 11th October. This will be available in Maxcap for all iLend users. Please ensure you complete replication following the release and contact our Support team if you notice any issues with the calculator.


11 October 2013 - Westpac (NZ) introduces SPECIAL 1yr & 2yr Fixed Rates

Effective 8.30am on Friday, 11th October, Westpac introduced a SPECIAL 1 year fixed rate of 5.15% p.a. for loans with less than 80% LVR.


10 October 2013 - Loan Avenue decreases their fixed rates

Loan Avenue decreases their fixed rates on all Premium products effective Wednesday, 9th October.


10 October 2013 - ANZ introduces fixed interest rates for Low Equity lending

In response to the Reserve Bank’s LVR restrictions, ANZ introduced specific fixed interest rates for ‘Low Equity New Lending’ effective Thursday, 10th October. These rates, as per the table below, will apply to new home loans with less than 20% equity or deposit.


9 October 2013 - Adelaide Bank and Homeloans Ltd reduce their Fixed Rates

Effective 11th October, Adelaide Bank and Homeloans will further sharpen their 1yr - 5yr Fixed Rates.


9 October 2013 - Westpac Fixed Rate Increase

Effective today Westpac increased their 5 year fixed rates by 0.3%


8 October 2013 - ME Bank announced as Melbourne Room Sponsor

Thank you to ME Bank for being this weeks room sponsor!

Our FREE Melbourne Training is being held in Melbourne CBD where Finware will be conducting Introduction to iLend training on Wednesday, 9th October from 10am - 2pm.  Anyone wishing to attend can register here.

ME Bank has recently been added to our panel of lenders and are now available in iLodge™.   They offer very competitive products, so why not check them out in the Products Tab of iLend™ today or contact them directly at


4 October 2013 - Westpac Policy and Product Updates

As an important partner of our home lending business we’re keen to update you on some important changes we’re making.


3 October 2013 - Homeloans Ultra Variable Rate Decreases

Effective today Homeloans Ultra full doc variable rates have been reduced by 0.08%


3 October 2013 - Lender Maxcap Update

The Finware team are currently working on the new ME Bank serviceability calculator, as well as updating some existing New Zealand (NZ) calculators.


2 October 2013 - The Cooperative Bank increases Living Expenses and Minimum UI

All Living Expenses have been increased today and will affect all future calculations for serviceability.  

Uncommitted Income requirements have also changed, and now include a new minimum surplus of $300 per fortnight for all loans with an LVR below or equal to 80%, where total lending exceeds $600,000.  In addition, the minimum surplus for lending exceeding 80% LVR (low equity) has increased to $500 per fortnight.  


30 September 2013 - Homeloans Ltd increase FlexiChoice products

Homeside FlexiChoice products increase effective 1st October, 2013.


27 September 2013 - Tune-In-Tuesday: Open Mic Session

Next week’s Tune-in-Tuesday will be an ‘Open Mic’ session for all Finware clients.  If you have a challenging loan scenario or ‘How To’ question, you can register your question now.  


27 September 2013 - Interest Rate Ticker

Capitalize on your website investment by adding an Interest Rate Ticker today.

The Interest Rate Ticker is easily added to your existing website.  Positioned on your homepage and customised to reflect your lender panel, the Interest Rate Ticker highlights your professionalism with clients.   As an interactive tool it also helps increase the time your clients spend on your site.


26 September 2013 - Westpac (NZ) Maxcap spreadsheet is now available!

Finware updated and released the Westpac serviceability spreadsheet to all databases on Wednesday, 25th September. Our development team spent some time testing the spreadsheet over differing scenarios to ensure accuracy is aligned to the Westpac Loan Calculator September 2013. 

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